Available on the Microsoft Store for Windows 10/11: Retirement Scenarios

Available on the Apple App Store for macOS: Retirement Scenarios

Available as a Linux Snap: Retirement Scenarios

To see this software in action, see our Youtube walkthrough.


Software used to help determine if you have enough funds to retire give future income, expenses, and inflation.  

You start by entering your known or expected assets, expenses, and potential income.  The software will help you enter rates of return, inflation, Social Security income, and long term care expenses.   You can also enter custom adjustments, such as loans and secondary income.

This will create a projected linear graph.  If the world was perfect and moved in a constant way this is what your retirement assets and expenses would look like.   This can be an over optimistic view.

To test to see if your retirement scenario will realistically work a random test and an historical test is done against the data you entered.

The random test is just that, random generated returns over the length of your projected retirement.  The default number of random tests are 20.  In the preferences you can change that to a larger value.   For each of the graphs you can export the data and look at individual sequences.

The historical test uses actual market returns starting with the Great Depression up to current day.

And finally taking into account the various conditions a computed projection of success is created.